Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lil Wayne To Appear In VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’

The network announced on Thursday (March 19) that the seminal documentary program will be relaunched, and Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland have already signed on.

“We had to rethink a little bit and look at these current artists that are really big stars now, and maybe it isn’t the classic rise and fall,” Krim told MTV News on Thursday. “There’s the classic ‘Behind the Music’ arc, but in this crop we wanted to get some artists that were on top of their game now instead of looking back. And also, just because their big stars now doesn’t mean they necessarily have a great ‘Behind the Music’ kind of story.

“From our research, [Lil Wayne] certainly does. From the fact that when he was a kid he accidentally shot himself and almost died at age 12 while playing with a gun, he went through Katrina, he has [a possible stint in] jail pending. He has all the requisite drama in his life, which I think ultimately makes for the great story. The fact that he’s one of the biggest stars out there makes it the right combination that we’re looking for.

The revamped “Behind The Music” is set to debut in July. As of press time, the air date for Lil Wayne’s episode has not been scheduled.

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